Body Power PBC5380 Deluxe Power Rack Cage System

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Enhance your home gym with the Body Power Deluxe Rack Cage System. This system has a wide frame that makes it great for lateral movement exercises, like squats, presses, dips, and pull-ups. Safety features - such as the weight bar safety catches, floor anchors, and safety rods - make it easy to keep your focus on your workout. 
  • Walk-in Frame Design with safe + efficient footprint for lateral movement
  • Use for strength-training exercises including: squat, press, pull-up, dips, and variations
  • 15 Adjustable Height Levels for Safety Rods
  • 2 Horizontal Posts for Olympic plate storage
  • 4 Built-in Floor Anchors for optional mounting
  • Includes: 4 Band Pegs, 2 Full-length Safety Rods, 2 Weight Bar Safety Catches, 2 Dip Bar Attachments & 2 Pull-up Bar Attachment w/ Various Grip Options

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