About Us

Company Mission:
We pride the “health” and “well-being” of Body Flex on the health and well-being of your body. Our ultimate goal is to bring true benefits and wholesome results to the strength, stamina, and soundness of your health.  We measure our success according to this purpose, and strive to achieve it through our:

Body Flex Sports employs experienced and innovative individuals, and our executives each have over 25 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Together, we dedicate ourselves to delivering leading solutions and maximum results in our field of specialty.

Research and Development: 
Our team of professionals uses the latest technology to design products that exceed consumer standards in both form and function. Body Flex proudly holds over 10 utility patents and a variety of design patents that have raised the bar of exceptional quality and advanced design in its industry.

Product Production and Performance: 
Each and every one of our products undergoes highly detailed and meticulous quality control. In addition, we extensively monitor the shipment and delivery of our products to the market and stores so that you can immediately experience the benefits and enjoyment that our products offer. From their initial inception in our international factories to their final delivery in your home, we are committed to providing quality that you can depend and rely on.

Sales and Marketing: 
Our sales and marketing teams work in tandem to ensure that consumers are properly informed before and after they purchase any of our products.