Body Power BST800 StepTrac

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You have come to expect quality and innovation from us, and we work extremely hard to reach this goal! Experience the fruit of our work with our latest patented technology: the Curve-Crank®, featured on the Body Power® StepTrac®.

In our efforts to make your workouts as effective as possible and still ultra smooth on your joints, we invested many years of research and development to engineer the Curve-Crank®.

The Curve-Crank® disperses exercise force into two flowing directions which significantly reduces the stress on your joints and eliminates the shock rebound at the bottom dead center of the pedal, preserving the knees and allowing for ultra smooth workouts.

 The StepTrac® 2-in-1 stepper machine is also a full body elliptical machine which will have your heart pumping and even offer targeted workouts for your legs, arms, shoulders, and abs. It integrates a built-in tension control knob that gives you 8 levels of resistance to challenge yourself. 

 Track the time, distance, speed, and calories burned on the easy-to-read, straightforward LCD computer in front of you.

This portable, efficient 2-in-1 exercise trainer is a great addition to any fitness lover's home gym. Burn calories, strengthen your core, arms, and legs with this zero-impact full body StepTrac® while keeping your joints healthy.

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